Happy Birthday Jürgen Habermas


  • James Gordon Finlayson University of Sussex




[No abstract] First paragraph: Habermas turned ninety on June 18th 2019. Over the last six decades he’s been Germany’s foremost social theorist, philosopher, public intellectual, and journalist. His political writings currently stretch to twelve volumes. Cue a host of different public events across Germany celebrating his life and work. Cue also the usual paeans and panegyrics, and, as anyone who has followed the on-line discussion will know, some remarkably harsh criticism.

Author Biography

James Gordon Finlayson, University of Sussex

James Gordon Finlayson is a Reader in philosophy at the University of Sussex, and Director of the Centre for Social and Political Thought. He is the author of The Habermas – Rawls Debate (Columbia University Press, 2019), and of over fifty articles on a variety of topics in philosophy and social and political thought.



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Finlayson, J. G. (2019) “Happy Birthday Jürgen Habermas”, Studies in Social and Political Thought, 29(Summer), pp. 32-44. doi: 10.20919/sspt.29.2019.115.