Editors' Introduction






Author Biographies

Valerie Whittington, University of Sussex

Valerie Whittington Following completion of the MA in Social and Political Thought at the University of Sussex in 2013, Val is in the final year of her PhD at Sussex investigating how Quakers in Britain engage in politics through ‘holding a Concern’ (supervisors: D.Schecter and S.Sawyer). Theoretical areas of interest include the Frankfurt School, Hannah Arendt, and participatory democracy more generally.

James Michael Stockman

James Stockman is a PhD researcher in Digital Media at the University of Sussex, where his research addresses the concept of digital totalitarianism through the optic of the crisis of computational power and critical reason. He is also a member of the editorial collective for the Sussex based journal Studies in Social & Political Thought.



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Whittington, V. and Stockman, J. M. (2019) “Editors’ Introduction”, Studies in Social and Political Thought, 29(Summer), pp. 6-7. doi: 10.20919/sspt.29.2019.132.